Essence: Captured



I have taken it upon myself to refine my photography skills in order to expand it into a future portfolio of architecture/interiors/graphics-related services. While I’ve toyed around with cameras, film and digital on and off and read a lot of books, I find my fundamentals still wanting. Every time  I learn something new, it improves my technique so I’m hoping to round it out with this course.

What I would like to achieve:

1. I am drawn to film cameras and the soft, tactile quality it brings to photographs. I would like to learn to bring the quality of film and the range of film type tones to my digital images and prevent it from looking too harsh and digitally flat.

2. I love photos that tell a story, are moody or emotional and have a soft, heart-tugging quality. I would like to learn to exploit the use of light more in my photographs to achieve this effect.

3. I would like to refine how I ‘see’ my surroundings and learn the fundamentals well in order to break them and create touching images.

Lastly, I hope to be able to use what I’ve learned to develop a highly distinct style of photographic capture to be used as part of my special process of evaluating intimate spaces and unique personal spatial styles of friends/clients/etc.

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