A Little Bit of Story in a Custom Painted Tag

Hello everyone, a custom painted tag is a great way to give your boutique customers a little piece of your story that’s more keepsake than disposable. If it’s beautifully made and wonderfully memorable, they are more likely to keep it around and when they need something you can provide, guess which little tag is laying around looking pleased to help?

Here at the studio, the mad mad season has officially begun! In addition to a slew of new goodies that hit our shop today, I want to share a cute little project we just completed. Remember the launch of our hand-painted graphics package promotion recently?

Here’s a way you can personalize one of these graphic+tags packages for the upcoming holiday gifting or even your own handmade goody shop.

This was for an event at a blue jeans store, and would serve really nicely as a hang tag or a gift bag tag to thank your visitors for attending the event.

They can be single sided or double sided with a little personal hand-lettered message at the back. All illustrations are completely original and unique to your requirements, they are done in watercolors, pen and ink and gouache and you can request them in any color combinations!

They are printed on gorgeous EXTRA-THICK handmade fair trade jute paper and you’ll even get to choose from 4 different die-cut designs. Get your own set HERE today, 2-for-1 graphic promotion is good till end of the year only!

In case you missed out on the last post:

This is great for an extra special hand-painted tag for all your holiday handmade goodies or gifts! All original artwork, no clip art used-pen, ink, pencil and watercolors! Perfect for unique items with very specific graphic requirements, or just to stand out from the crowd!

Some ideas for your painted graphic:
1. Hair Clips
2. Baked Goods/Cupcakes, petits fours, etc
3. Jewelry
4. Homemade Jam, pickles
5. Paper goods
6. Dolls
7. Pottery, ceramic
8. Hand-made Scarf
9. A pet dog, cat, iguana
10. Small whimsical portrait of a person

How about an illustration of a little painted teacup with a snowflake to represent your holiday pottery collection? A little Christmassy doll for your festive doll sales? A small jam jar with mistletoe on it for your Holiday quince jam? Perhaps a little portrait of a pet dog for an ultra cool pet gift?

UPDATE: This promotion has ended but don’t forget to check out my Design Journeys for your own custom storytelling tags or get help brainstorming them!

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