All artwork, objects and designs featured here are hand-crafted TreeSpace Studio creations.

I would love to help you tell your wedding story and break the rules of what wedding imagery and paraphernalia should be like. Your story is UNIQUE and should not look like anyone else’s! My mission is for your guests to want to KEEP and treasure your wedding items because it is so much a part of who you are. (It is also the greatest form of sustainability!)

The TreeSpace Studio would like to invite you to submit your story or wedding design challenge, to be depicted in a monthly fun design exercise.

Here’s how it works:

1. Perhaps you’ve been wondering about a really unique wedding logo, an illustration to go with a love poem, or unconventional wedding favors or invitations your guests will cherish and treasure instead of tossing!

2. Click on the button at the bottom of this page that says “Submit for Illustrated Friday’s Wedding Charette”

3. Fill in your wedding story/design challenge and click SUBMIT!

4. One interesting and unique entry will be picked every week and you will be emailed if yours will be featured in the charette on a particular Friday.

5. Come that Friday, there will be a quick illustration, a series of sketches or vignettes accompanied by a write-up to help you see your wedding items in a different light, so that you can implement it yourself or find someone to help you.

6. That’s it! Simple, no obligations on your part, just a fun design and thinking-outside-the-box exercise! If you want to you can commission the studio to take the design/idea further, if not, you can always DIY.

I  understand that many brides are on tight budgets and may want to try something out before they buy it. This is a great way to test out the waters to see what I can do for you (or what you can do for yourselves)!

The studio specializes in personalized, hand-drawn, colored, and lettered story-telling invitations and favors made completely by hand and customizable functional artwork from unique materials. I absolutely love the tactile quality of materials-upcycled as much as possible, recycled always and artisan whenever I can.

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