GREEN WAVE is a 501(c)(3) human/planet service agency providing green education & coaching internationally, by consulting, campaigns, workshops, collaborative projects, and voluntour retreats.

Caring for the environment starts with you and is a journey of inspiring others.  If you lead, others will inevitably follow. Let us be your coach into the world of green living and showing you how to “make waves” of change to impact your community.  GREEN WAVE serves like a non-profit life coach to both individuals as well as businesses to assist in strategies of not only how to incorporate sustainability (always starting with personal mindfulness) into daily activities and practices and also how to inspire others to do the same.

Although GREEN WAVE has its own charity projects, (i.e. sending kids to school, providing eco-education, saving sea turtles, forming an electronic music alliance, and assisting in the funding of eco-developments), we at GREEN WAVE can also collaborate with clients to create awareness initiatives, events, campaigns, workshops, retreats, or projects that will make the most positive impact upon their world of influence.

We at GREEN WAVE believe we can teach by creating living examples in order to lead our future generations to a sustainable future. Our mission is to inspire waves of change by creating living examples focused on living consciously, peacefully, and harmoniously with the environment and with each other for the conscious well being of our planet.

ECO *LIS *TIC: (adjective): holistic approach to environmentalism integrating the concept of integrative health for people and planet.

(noun) an approach GREEN WAVE organization employs for their Living Examples

LIV*ING EX*AMP*LES: (verb noun) : projects meant to serve as ever continual and dynamic teaching examples for the global community


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