Regardless of what you think the state of our Earth is in, it’s UNDENIABLE that we can live SMARTER (more energy efficient), KINDER (more eco-friendly), and more MINDFULLY (peaceful to all inhabitants).

History for an organization is a “what moved us to create this organization”. So, here is my personal story.

GREEN WAVE was conceived in 2006 influenced directly inspired by Gandhi’s iconic quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” and a trip I took to Costa Rica. The first time I went down to Costa Rica, I fell in love.  It was so raw, so … seemingly pristine. Immediately I felt compelled to protect what it represented for me; Nature.

I grew up in a recycling household but honestly felt non-profit work was either on the fringes of society or for special people that “really cared”(kinda sad, I know and not the fault of my parents). My trip to Costa Rica changed my life and I knew I had to dive in and join those that were making a difference in this world. I had come from a brief stint in real estate and I had been trained, so to speak, in the concepts of capitalism. Before I had ever gone down to Costa Rica, my exposure to this region was simply that it was a “hot spot”, a “good deal”, basically to turn a profit and live in paradise. By the time I actually went down there, I had been studying yoga and realizing I had issues with the current paradigms of business as I had learned it. As soon as I set foot in the jungle, my worldview changed both dramatically and instantaneously.

I realized the current paradigms from which we have made our society “work”, were not working as they were and could work in different ways -in fact they can work in different proven ways evidenced by several long standing companies affiliated with organizations such as Green America and LOHAS.

Our planet is being affected by our daily decisions on how we choose to live our lives. We can blame it on industry, but it comes back to us because we support industries with our purchasing habits based on what we consider to be our psychological “needs”. I might not be able to see the increase in carbon, but I can see the constant pollution layer that overhangs in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley from where I live. I can see the incessant amount of disposable plastic pieces that wash up onto shores, such as Costa Rica. I can see the lack of care in the attitudes of people I run into in life. So what I realized is that I needed more people coming to see what I was seeing, and inspire people to not just see but to care and take action. I decided we needed waves of change in the ideas about how we lead our daily lives and this could be created from many people making their own small waves within their own communities.  Really it’s about sharing information and leading by example. I often think “If only everyone were to jump on board and want to contribute to making the world a better place” -that is what Green Wave is at it’s core, a philosophy backed by passion. If you are even considering walking this path, let us help you.

You can have a nice house, or a nice room, but if you don’t take care of it, it will fall into some sort of disrepair. EARTH is OUR HOME and unfortunately it’s starting to look sloppy. We need to start TAKING CARE of our home better.

This will be through EDUCATING ourselves about the INTERCONNECTIONS and correlations of our DAILY actions upon our planetary home, implementing ACTION, and INSPIRING others to do the SAME

Inspiring others is EASY. Set a good example and people will follow. So CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU.

It is my job, and the purpose of GREEN WAVE to INSPIRE you. We do this through OUR daily actions (making waves blog), the events we throw, the CAMPAIGNS we create, ECO-VOLUNTOURS you might accompany us on and our availability to you to COACH you, individually on how you can do the same.

Sign up with us to become your own, WAVE OF CHANGE.