Save A Turtle

Send a Kid to School

This is our program for providing school uniforms for children in Costa Rica. We created the slogan “Save a Turtle”for our  program since the children receive education on sea turtles and assist in sea turtle patrols.  “Save a Turtle” raises awareness to save the future of the turtles as well as he future of these children. Turtles are our mascot.

Currently, we collect uniforms here in the States either by going to a thrift store or by accepting donations of used uniforms from school children here and then bring them down.  If a uniform is too big the families tailor it for the children.  We have sent over 50 children to school since the start of this program in Winter of 2009.

Help us today buy sponsoring a kid or “saving a turtle” for minimum suggested donation of $20.

Click HERE to see our current students!

Hope is in our hands

Hope is in our hands