Save An Acre

For only $20 YOU can be part of a legacy.

I initiated the “Save an Acre” campaign for Green Wave because our forests are one of the most valuable assets on Earth, especially the old growth forests and rainforests. Daily we lose a treasure trove of possible medicinal cures and information about species due to ignorance, and industry.  The forests give us the opportunity for knowledge that can help our own species.

Please consider “saving an acre”.  A simple donation of even $20 will go toward toward a global forest conservation fund.  You will help us save 100 TONS of CO2, countless species, and protect the home of many indigenous cultures.  We have the opportunity to learn and grow from the knowledge we can acquire through further study of the forests if we don’t lose the opportunity first by letting it get destroyed on our watch.  Let’s save what we already got. It’s our goal to raise the funds to save at least a million acres of international forests by assisting our alliance members on the front lines of forest conservation -we hope this will be one of our legacies, the million acre initiative.